Have you seen?

My eyes…

It has been quite a while since I tried my hand at eyes. Something that should be so simple to make had intimidated me for nearly three years now. While skins, clothing, furniture, and many other things, I tackled with glee, enthusiasm, and just plain old ADD “What if I did this…?” Eyes scared me. I was horribly unhappy with my Felid eyes, though at the time and for what I knew back then they are well made, these blow them away!

Then the itch came on. Not that itch you perves! The itch to try it again, start over completely, and just.. TRY.

These are the result. (For best view click the image to see it in full size.)

Luminis Eyes – 99L each

I made a few others that will most likely go into a hunt, or bundles.

AND! Coming soon, in one form or another…


On the hunt for brainz….

Lerochelle Destiny a.k.a. Charlie

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