DeLaSoul Blurred Edges Andro Males have Arrived!!

Thanksgiving is all about family. This Thanksgiving, I would like to welcome the Andro Males to the De La Soul family!

So without further yammering… mmm yams….  Sorry! Sorry! XD

What you are going to get…

8 skins!
*Freckles & Blush
*Freckles, Blush & Pubes
*Blush & Pubes
*Freckles & Pubes

TWO Shapes are included.
TWO Pube and Brow tinter Tattoo layers, with instructions.

The Special Edition PRIDE set comes with two extra items,
PRIDE ❤ tattoo undershirt
Rainbow dyed pubes (What WON’T I do on a Dare!)

All for a starting promo price of 1,700L!! (Yes, I have been told I am insane!)

And just check out the Pretties!!!

And I am planning on releasing a new makeup every week or two too! @_@ Suggestions accepted!

I still have to get them up on the Marketplace, but keep an eye open for them if you prefer to shop that way. Stop by the store to pick up the DEMOS, they are free after all and show ALL of the variations, in one form or another, other than the S.E. PRIDE tattoo and rainbow pubes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
~ Lerochelle Destiny

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