.:Soul:. Emma & Emmanuel Human Skins & Appliers

OUT NOW at the .:Soul:. Mainstore!

A quick note: You CAN wear Male OR Female Gen2 Heads/Skins with either gender body! So long as the mesh fits at the neck, and the appliers are there for it, you can wear it!

.:Soul:. Gen2F - Emma - Human System Skins & Head Appliers
.:Soul:. Gen2F – Emma – Human System Skins & Head Appliers
.:Soul:. Gen2F - Emmanuel - Human System Skins & Head Appliers
.:Soul:. Gen2F – Emmanuel – Human System Skins & Head Appliers

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.:Soul:. Plugs! (For Ears!)

Just slipped these babies into the main store!

Mesh heads, and sometimes the SL head, can have larger holes when the ears are removed than you would normally want. And sometimes, you want no ears there at all!

Here you go. Plugs! (For Ears!) are for all your ear-hole filling problems!
Each side is a separate piece for perfect fitting, and they come Omega Ready, so all of your Omega skin appliers that have head textures included will work!

Disclaimer: These are only intended for filling the holes left behind when ears are removed from a mesh head or standard head. The use of Plugs! (For Ears!) on any other body part is not supported by .:Soul:. in any way. 😀 (TL;DR – Don’t shove these up your butts!)

.:Soul:. Mainstore


.:Soul:. is at… IDK


Another first time for me and new items for you too! Including a NEW Kissers shape!

Meet Marie! She comes with the standard human teeth, though if you have any of the others they work well too and like always, she works with the Omega Relay and Kissers Appliers.

Also at .IDK. I’m releasing two sets of Lipsticks!

They come in packages for either Head Appliers, Mouth Appliers, or Tattoo Layers and Omega Appliers. There is no fatpack for all appliers. (Please be sure of what set you are purchasing!)

Each pack is 299L and since it’s my first round at IDK, I am taking 25% off through the event!

Now go be beautiful!

~ Charlie

of .:Soul:.

.:Soul:. Amberly Fantasy & Drow!

The Amberly Fantasy & Drow LeLutka Appliers are now released!

All Appliers come with and without Freckles and match the Gen1 Female Appliers.

549L per tone

Taxi to .:Soul:. 

(I’m not that wordy today.)


.:Soul:. Amberly – LeLutka Appliers

*starts dancing*

I’m happy to announce that after a few minor setbacks, the first LeLutka Mesh head applier is now available!

Meet Amberly!

549L per tone.

She comes with so many options, and if you already have the Maitreya Appliers, you don’t need to buy anything more! (but the Maitreya Appliers are sold separately.)

annnnddd…. for those V.I.P. Members out there…




Cause who doesn’t like free rainbows?

Taxi to .:Soul:.

Later gators!

~ Charlie