.:Soul:. Black Friday Event!

YAY! Black Friday! The day we wake up from our Turkey Comas and beat each other senseless to get the last Xbox or PS3.


Stay at home and shop online. Like at .:Soul:.!

As of NOW…

We have nearly everything in the store between 25 and 50% off, most of it is 50% off! Just look for the marked vendors, and by marked I mean a sign above, directly next to, or below them and that sign includes that whole wall section too! (Between the pillars.)
For example:
ALL Buildings are 50% off through the main vendor. (Not the holo vendor)
ALL Mesh Clothing is 25% off.
ALL standard avatar clothing is 50% off.
Personal Builder sets are 25% off.
Petite Lumi & Lumio are 25% off.


The Drows have arrived to .:Soul:. in time for Black Friday!
Get them now while you can for 50% off! This sale includes the Slink Physique, TMP Body, and TMP Face Appliers too!

I’ve also opened up the VIP group joiner so there is NO FEE for Black Friday! Grab yo friends, grab yo alts! Get them in the group too so they can start getting that extra 10% off all purchases!

The sale starts…. NOW!

Take me to .:Soul:.!

Appliers on the MP

The Lumi, Lumio, and Ceredil Appliers are on the marketplace now! You can find them listed first at this LINK!


Lumi, Lumio, & Male Ceredil Slink Appliers

Out now next to the Lumi and Lumio skins! Appliers for the Lumi & Lumio, along with the Male Ceredil appliers from last year’s RFL Fantasy Faire!

Included with the Lumi & Lumio are matching Nail appliers! (You get all colors of nails, no matter the color of the skin!) All for only 99L each!

Oh and the nail appliers are available separately too for the same price!

Grab ’em while they still have that fresh smell, which is probably just my sweat… on second thought, you might wanna wash them first… LOL It’s 4AM! You can’t blame me for being goofy!


DLS~ Lumi & Lumio Skins, and HATS

You know what’s cool about De La Soul?

Besides, you know, all our great stuff. We know that’s cool. And we know you know it’s cool. And that makes you cool. ♥

It’s a circle of cool. Like the circle of life. Only nobody becomes grass for antelope at some point in it.

No, what’s cool is that we listen. Not a lot of companies do that, you know, it seems, and we’ll be blunt, we think that kind of sucks, because without feedback, companies can’t grow. And if we can’t grow, we can’t get better, and if we can’t get better, you don’t get better things, and you get crappier things, and then you don’t like us anymore.

That’s the opposite of the circle of cool.

But we listen!

When we released a new line of petites, many of you saw the skins and clamored, shouted, exclaimed, cried out, and other synonymous actions pertaining to it, that you really, really wanted to see these skins in full-size awesome. And you know what, we thought that was a great idea. So we did gone did it for yas.

Because we like you. A lot. Though only in a platonic way. Sorry to disappoint you if we led you on otherwise.

Presenting the Lumi and Lumio avatar collection!

Along with these fabulous, wonderful, stupendous, spectacular skins, of which there are nine, one of which is a skin never released before, the “Cosmos”, you also get, which are all modifiable so you can let your own self shine..

Bioluminescent Tattoo layer – Tint to the color of your choosing.

Body Tint Tattoo Layer – Tint to play with the color combinations of the base skin. Best when worn under the Bioluminescent Tattoo Layer.

Matching Ears – There is a Luminescent overlay that you can edit in linked mode and tint to match the tattoo layer, or hide all together if that is your choice.

Eyes – Fits the shapes provided, Copy/Modify to be able to fit your own. (Also sold separately.)

Shape – Ear and No Ear versions – Mod to your liking or use your own!

Brow Shaper – Mod and tweak accordingly or use your own!

But wait, there’s more! If you act right now, (pulling a Ron Popeil here), we’ll throw in, at no extra charge, this fabulous set of kitchen kni-..



What we -will- throw in is a simple loincloth outfit for the men, and a loincloth and top for the sexy ladies out there! And the loincloth sets are modify, copy, sculpted, and are able to work with all of our existing Gypsy Add-On HUDs! And two basic HUDs are included! You’ll get the Sampler Accent Fabric pack as well as the Plain Fabric Main pack HUDs, allowing you to change their textures with the click of a button!

Altogether price, audience?

899 lindens.

That’s right. You get a brand new skin, a plethora of additions, an outfit that has multiple add-on and capability for even -more- expansions, and all for only 899? I’m sorry, how many other avatar skin combinations are this insanely wonderfully packaged? Not many, I can tell you that.

Now, on to the hats!


Along with the Lumi and Lumio, we’re proud to announce a pair of different hats. Right. Hats. And don’t listen to Kathleen Kelly from the movie “You Got Mail”, because although a lot of hats are a mistake, these are not. Promise. First off we have..

The Asian Hat! Yes, I know, creative name. Actually, this hat was inspired by the Pandaren from World of Warcraft’s newest expansion. Love ’em, hate ’em, they had a nice bamboo hat going on! And now you can own one for yourself. It has its own HUD for changing colors, giving you lots of opportunities to match whatever you’re wearing. 199L

And the second?

The Sir and the Sir Petite!

And yes. The tophat does have a mustache. And monocle. And it comes with a mustache and monocle for you as well! With HUDs to change EVERY every aspect of the hat, monocles, and ‘staches, we’re talking serious customization here along with the awesome look of this thing. Seriously. Just..just look at it again. Look at it and tell me you don’t want the awesome that is The Sir.


And if you don’t, we can never be friends, you are not someone I wish to know.

How many customization options for The Sir?..


4 colors of Grey to choose from.
Tintable with the Tinting HUD.

Changes both on the hat and on the worn, separate Stache.

10 top and 10 Brim texture colors to choose and mix and match from.

The band around the brim of the hat.

10 texture colors to choose from. Mix and matching all the other colors of the Hat top and Brim.

20 Texture Colors to choose from in both Plain and Faded Satin.

8 Metal textures to choose from, changes both the metal of the monocle and the metal around the Gem pin.

Shine (Off, Low, Med, High)
Bright (On, Off)

Changes both the metals on the Hat and the worn separate Monocle.

10 Gem colors to choose from.

Shine (Off, Low, Med, High)
Bright (On, Off)


So if we multiply all these options to show just how many different styles this thing has, it comes out to..


Only Rys would do the math on this one. XD

..One hundred two million, four hundred thousand different combinations for that hat.

Over ONE HUNDRED MILLION combination options.

You know what, I think my calculator’s run out to get one for itself.

Come on down and check out the new skins and hats! We’ll be waiting! And check out the display for our own roleplaying sim, The Isle of Amras, as well! It’s a load of fun! It has to be! Just look at all the exclamation marks!

SLURL to De La Soul


I do hope that you have enjoyed reading this rather long notice! Enjoy your second life, whether you be large or small, there will always be something for you at De La Soul!

(Lerochelle Destiny)

*Written by Rys Khyrsal, the goofiest lion I know!*