.:Soul:. Antennae


Firstly, the V.I.P. Group gets a HUGE Discount on these, just for LOLz… Peenie Antennae. Yup. Peenie. Antennae.

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.:Soul:. Plugs! (For Ears!)

Just slipped these babies into the main store!

Mesh heads, and sometimes the SL head, can have larger holes when the ears are removed than you would normally want. And sometimes, you want no ears there at all!

Here you go. Plugs! (For Ears!) are for all your ear-hole filling problems!
Each side is a separate piece for perfect fitting, and they come Omega Ready, so all of your Omega skin appliers that have head textures included will work!

Disclaimer: These are only intended for filling the holes left behind when ears are removed from a mesh head or standard head. The use of Plugs! (For Ears!) on any other body part is not supported by .:Soul:. in any way. 😀 (TL;DR – Don’t shove these up your butts!)

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