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*cracks knuckles* Ok, long post, so, short and sweet…

The Coven – Open Heart Earrings & Heavy Heart Uni Ears 25% off!

I’ve got two new things set up at The Coven for their Love Spell round!

New Heavy Heart Uni Ears for those that have had a love spell or two go a bit… sideways,

and some Open Heart Earrings to decorate your newly deformed lobes (or normal lobes) and remind you to keep your heart open, no matter what.

Available separately in 3 packs, or get the FatPack for the Exclusive Holo Set too!


We ❤ Roleplay – [SE Snow] Special Edition Skins 25% off!

Be sure to read what is included in the Special Edition sets! ❤


Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Fashun Net Masks 50L per/pull

These ethereal netted masks come in 3 styles, with 12 Common colors, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare each.

The Rares are Animated Light Rays with the inner and outer tintable separately via the Included HUD.

You can also adjust the glow and transparency (alpha) via the options menu.

See it in action below!

New Releases & 25L Tuesday!

A few new releases for you and one of them is even a 25L Tuesday Item!

Christmas Tree Earrings (199L)

Texture change via HUD between 8 different colors for the Tree, Star, and Ornaments, along with 6 textures to choose from for the hooks. Material enabled to really give it that sparkle! (No, this is not meant to be a “realistic” tree.)

Oh and did I mention it comes with a rezz-able, full-size tree too? Yup! It does! (6LI)

StayCalm&EatPie – Earrings! (99L Each)

A friend of mine has a penchant for wearing something edible every day. (Get your minds out of the gutter!) So to feed her addiction, and because everything is better with pie… earrings.

Available in 4 different pie styles.

And 25L ONLY on Tuesday, Nov. 25th……

Because… pie.

More stuff… lots of STUFF…. coming SOON!



(Lerochelle Destiny)