Soul Horns: The Basics: Round1

Introducing The Basics Horns!These will be a simple line of horns that all take the same UVs and layers. Featuring: 16 [G3] tones of skin, 20 tattoo BoM layers (9 on the HUD for top & bottom and glow, transparency, and additional layering.), Fully mod (except for the HUD), Every layer is tint-able for that... Continue Reading →

.:S:. [G3] GenX BoM

Out now at the Mainstore! standard tones available. VIP Group Gift Jalyn Terrah has been updated as well! (Updates going out as I type, but if you don't get one come and slap the redelivery terminal.)

Coming to Fantasy Faire 2020!

View in full HERE Fantasy Faire opens on April 23rd and runs across 13 sims with multiple events, sales, and shows; all to benefit the American Cancer Society via Relay for Life. Join me for my tenth year (!), and get these skins and more, all for a good cause! See you later, Dad. Why... Continue Reading →

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