.:Soul:. is Getting Mystic at the Fantasy Gatcha Fair


The August round of Fantasy Gatcha Carnival is about to get underway (August 7th @ Midnight!) and .:Soul:. is proud to be there!

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.:Soul:. Gatcha Gacha, WHOOOO!

Brand new and shiny from a Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey, place in space an time…..

Who Glasses Gatcha! (50L per play)

All of them (except one) have completely unique 3D pieces on the sides of the glasses! Look for the Doctor in style!

Also, I asked YOU to send me your favorite color combinations. (Remember that?) So what happened to all those colors you guys, and gals sent me? Well…

The Gibbs Glasses Gatcha (50L per play)

If you sent in your color combo and named it, it’s probably there! (If you didn’t name it, I named it after you!)

Nerds (and bow ties & fezzes) are COOL!

~ Charlie

Taxi to the Store!