ROMP with .:Soul:.

Lloth’s Hold – Collar (25% off!)

Drow inspired, unisex elegant Spider Web Collar.

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.:Soul:. @ We <3 RP! Naikkim Head Tendrils!

Want to look a bit more… alien? Having a bad hair day and don’t want to deal? Well then I give you the…

Naikkim Head Tendrils!

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.:Soul:. @ We <3 Roleplay – February!

We ❤ Roleplay is Tomorrow!

Just a little early for the Spring spirit, my first set of wings, Oree!

(Please note! They currently do not flap! Once the scripting is done for that they will be updated.)

You get so many options with these wings!

  • 32 textures for Membranes and Veins to be changed separately. Mix and match!
  • Adjust Glow, Transparency and Tint.
  • Materials Enabled!
  • Developer kit (with appliers) Included! (You can sell your appliers!)
Materials example.

Also out at We ❤ RP are two new styles of Uni Ears for you to play with. They even take the standard Uni Ear Appliers.

Oh, did I mention that they are all 25% off? Ears and Wings!

We ❤ Roleplay opens February 4th! << Taxi

Happy RPing!


.:Soul:. Simple Aprons!

~ONLY~ on the Marketplace!􀀏 <<< Click there!

These are just some older Aprons I never got around to releasing, so I lumped them together, updated with Omega Appliers and Texture HUD, and.. Tada!

– 16 colors, including Black & Brown Leather
– Standard Layers & Omega Appliers
– 3 Types of Skirts [Baker, Blacksmith, Belted]
– Texture HUD for Skirts

  • Prim parts are Copy/Mod
  • Huds & Clothing layers Copy only.
  • Standard Clothing layers are in a box all their own because there are a TON of them in there!

Happy Baking/Smithing/Butchering/Roleplaying!



It’s the MEGA KISSER UPDATE!!! All .:Soul:. Kissers have been updated to have an additional Accent layer, more skins, more lipsticks, new HUD design, and oh.. so so much more!

Starting off, these were scripted by Chellynne Bailey. If you don’t know the name, you should! She seriously needs cookies for getting these scripts working so amazingly well!

Let’s just list the new features so I can get to sending out those updates!

  • Omega Included! – No more relay needed!
  • New .:Soul:. HUD design. It all folds up nicely into a little button at the top left of your screen.
  • Catalina and Dominic (clean shaven) skin textures included. (Along with a TINTABLE one!)
  • Double the Save-able Tints!
  • Added an Accent layer.  – For lipsticks, moles, tattoos… mixing two lipsticks… That kind of thing.
  • Teeth – Now can be texture changed, and the options of Transparency and Glow can be adjusted. (3 Teeth textures included.)
  • Whiskers HUD (Neko Mouths) is now incorporated into the .:Soul:. HUD.
  • Materials enabled!
  • Auto-Updaters! – Now the mouths will offer to send you an update when one comes available!
  • … and bug fixes and other fun things for you to play with!

Updates go out TONIGHT! 

(If you don’t get the update, get thee to .:Soul:. and slap a Redelivery Terminal!)