.:Soul:. Bradly Skins & Apps!

He’s here! Betti’s evil twin *cough* I mean…

Bradly is here!

And he is available in so many options too!

Standard Avatar Skins

Soul - Bradly - Standard - H7


  • Skins with and without Brows and Freckles (Gen1 Male Toned Body)
  • Gen1 Body Option Tattoos (Athletic, Muscled, Soft)
  • 20 Bradly Eyebrow Tattoo layers
  • Kissers Appliers
  • Slink Hand & Feet Appliers
  • Bradly Shape (S, M, L)
  • 4 Brow Shapers


The Mesh Project Head Installers

Soul - Bradly - TMP - D2

Also shown on the first picture of the post on Fierce head.


  • Head Installer – With and without Brows and Freckles
  • Bradly Shape (S, M, L)
  • 20 Bradly Eyebrows Installer
  • Gen1 Headless TonedSkin.


Omega Head Appliers

Soul - Bradly - Omega - F4


  • Head Applier – With and without Brows and Freckles
  • Bradly Shape (S, M, L)
  • 20 Bradly Eyebrows Applier
  • Gen1 Headless Toned Skin.


Catwa Head Appliers

Soul - Bradly - Catwa - F2


  • Head Applier – With and without Brows and Freckles
  • Bradly Shape (S, M, L)
  • 20 Bradly Eyebrows Applier
  • Gen1 Headless Toned Skin.


Oh and when I say you get 20 Eyebrows, I mean it!

And they come with all of them! (Application is determined by which appliers it’s coming with of course. TMP with TMP, etc.)


TAXI to .:Soul:.


.:Soul:. New Releases & Black Friday SALE!

It’s BLACK FRIDAY! Woot Woot!

Because I procrastinate and took forever getting a few new releases out, I will try to keep this from being a long winded post! Hang in there, it’s gonna be a fun one!

27th-28th Only!

and YES! That includes these New Releases!

Kissers – Doll – Open, Vampire, and Orc!

Betti – Mesh Project Face Installers

Other than the base skin texture appliers/installers, they also include the Betti Eyebrow installer that installs all.. and I mean ALL of the eyebrow colors. (Which is a lot.)

That’s it for now! Happy Black Friday Shopping and Turkey leftover eating!

~ Charlie


.:Soul:. Dominic Drows Released!

Right on the heels of the Human tones come the Drows! (Fantasy tones are looking to be around Fantasy Faire time.)

Since I did the post about the Humans earlier, I’ll just make this short and sweet.

====== Mesh Project Face Installers ====== 
– Face with and without Brows, and Light and Dark Stubble.
– 17 Eyebrows (Also Sold Separately. Soon.)

====== Mesh Project Body Installers ======
– Gen 1 Male – Natural Body – Soft, Toned, Athletic, and Muscled.

====== Skins ======

6 Skins – Toned Gen 1 Male – Natural Body.
With & Without Brows.
With and Without Light and Dark Stubble.

Natural Body Options – (Tattoo Layers.)
– Soft – Athletic – Muscled –

17 Eyebrows (Tattoo Layers.)

5 Shapes (Standard Sizes.)

Mesh Eyelashes.

.:Soul:. Kissers – LoudMouth – Slink Hands & Feet – Slink Nails (All tones included.) – Lotus Platinum –


So yup… that’s it. Uni Ear appliers will be included with the new .:Soul:. HUD coming soon!


~Charlie of .:Soul:.

.:Soul:. Catalina Maitreya Appliers!

Whooo!!! First release of 2015!


Body Applier Options:

Toned with Full Breasts
Toned with Small Breasts
Toned with Bitty Boobies
Muscled with Full Breasts
Muscled with Small Breasts
Muscled with Bitty Boobies
Soft Belly with Full Breasts
Soft Belly with Small Breasts

Also includes all tones of matching Natural nails for the Maitreya hands and toes! All in one nice little package!

Human tones are on the Marketplace right now as well as both Human and Drow tones being available at .:Soul:. 

There’s also only 10 copies of the Creamsicle Limited Edition skins, which now also include Maitreya Appliers! 5 on the Marketplace, and 5 in-world!


The new store is also in place and nearly finished! (like I’ll ever really FINISH something like that! HAH!) So be sure to check it out! There’s a bunch of stuff on CLEARANCE as well as all those V.I.P. Group goodies. Speaking of the V.I.P. Group….


I closed off entirely and ejected everyone from the De La Soul VIPs group today. I have given PLENTY of warning (two months of it!) to everyone as to when this switch over was due to happen. I am leaving the new .:Soul:. V.I.P.s Group as open enrollment for ONE MORE WEEK ONLY!!! If you haven’t gotten in by then, there will be no refunds, and if you really want in, you’ll have to pay the fee to get back in.


That’s all folks! Be caring, be daring, and most of all, HAVE FUN!


(Lerochelle Destiny)