.:S:. Gatcha Tunics!

I am running on less than steam at the moment, but I wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as I possibly could!

For the FIRST TIME EVER (not counting the Cthu Shues), .:Soul:. is releasing it’s very own 100% Original Rigged Mesh Clothing!

In the form of Simple Shift Tunics.

In a Gatcha.

Cause they’re simple.

At only 50L a play too!

2014 Simple Shift Tunic Gatcha Male

2014 Simple Shift Tunic Gatcha Female

Taxi to .:Soul:.


A few things to note…

1: They aren’t going to be perfect. These are my very first 100% Original Rigged Mesh, and also the first time I have rigged clothing, other than Slink shoes. Expect some clipping to occur in odd places with some animations or poses. I have tweaked the alpha layers to get rid of as much of the clipping as possible.

2: These are rigged mesh, fitted to the five Standard Sizes. Even with the standard sizes, I have found that some shape editing may be needed and helpful in getting rid of some of the clipping that occurs. Sometimes it is as simple as scaling down the body fat or muscles by a few small points. (No one will notice the difference anyway.)

3: Rigging is NOT easy! I learned this the fun way of trying to get these to work properly. I spent around 20 hours learning how to rig them. That isn’t counting the time to make them, then the textures, etc. Seriously, I bow to those creators that make the really awesome shit in SL!

4: Fitted mesh is harder than Standard Sizes! No, really, it is. I originally made and tried to get these rigged with the fitted mesh system. It… was not even close to perfect. Let’s leave it at that. XD

.:Soul:. in We <3RP June!

Really, I should stop spamming you guys with notices every day, and I’m hoping this is the last one, at least for a little while.

.:Soul:. is in We<3RP for June and it opens tomorrow!

Two color combinations of the Archer 2 at 50% off!! (That’s only 125L)

Also, only a few hours left to grab the 25L Tuesday Emerald Editions!

That’s it for now! (I hope!)

Laters taters!


(Lerochelle Destiny)

.:Soul:. Has Swagger 2 & 25L Tuesday!

>>Swagger 2<<

To go with yesterday’s Archer 2 release, I have made several styles of the Swagger 2 Pants! Wear them alone or with the tunic, your choice.


~ Swagger Pants in 5 sizes in BOTH Male and Female!

~ Alpha Layers (Can’t have that skin coming through!)

~ Texture HUD (OMG! ALL the colors!)




>>Archer 2<<

Don’t forget about yesterday’s release of the Archer 2 either! I put out several of them in the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Boards last night as well!


>>25L Tuesday!<<

The Emerald (not shown) is also this week’s 25L Tuesday items! An outfit for only 25L? Am I mad? (Possibly)



All of the Archer 2 and the Swagger (except the Special Edition colors) are also up on the Marketplace now!

Click the image below for your taxi to .:Soul:. !


.:Soul:. The Archer Returns!

I am slowly getting back in the swing of things, relearning how to rig mesh all over again… but I didn’t want you guys to feel like I had forgotten you! (Especially the guys!)

I have created the Archer 2.

Nearly exactly the same as the previous Archer tunics, only MESH!

The Hunter Belt comes with it, along with a matching set of mesh Swagger 2 pants. (Yes, I know I’m being completely original in the naming here.) 

Plus, look at all the COLORS it comes in! (Prepare for scrolling)

Oh and then there are THESE…

Special Edition colors… Some will go into the Lucky Chairs, if not all. (They come in either Black or Brown Leather, just like the rest, so double the pictures you see above. :D)

The Lucky Chairs swap out Saturday! I’ll do another small post once it’s done.

The Clothing Section of the store has been remodeled finally, and it even matches the rest now! There is also a very distinct Mesh Clothing side and Non-Mesh Clothing side now too. Eventually, all non-mesh clothing will go upstairs.


*Collapses in a heap.*

Expect at least one more remake of a classic before I get into more creative meshy clothing. Oh and PANTS. There will be more pants too!


Because the voices tell me to. 😀



(Lerochelle Destiny)

.:Soul:. Taxi

It’s a Digital Christmas at De La Soul!

Those that have stuck with me through the years know that Christmas and I, or any holiday really, don’t usually mesh well, so I don’t usually do anything for them.


Okay so it’s just one little thing, but it’s the little things that count, right? Oh and the thought. Thought counts too.


At the main store I have set up a Tree, and under this tree lies a present. Not just for VIP members, but for EVERYONE. (The 1L charge will be refunded right away, promise, or click it and tell it to deliver via the menu.)

It’s my little thank you for sticking with me through this year and will be there until Jan. 1st.

It’s not anything big or exceptional, just an exclusive red and white version of the new CyberTanks I have now released!

Oh yeah, I just released CLOTHING too, and this time it isn’t Medieval at all!

Has hell frozen over? Am I sick? Well, if you go by where I live, you might think the former has happened. (Srsly, its -20 here.) But NO! I try to challenge myself with all forms and manner of styles as you can see by the contents of the store.

So What ARE these CyberTanks?

Are they kinky?

Uh… I wouldn’t say kinky exactly… but they are downright awesome!

Oh, and they come in white too!

All the colors are available separately too, so if you just simply do not want them all, you can choose one or two that you do like and run with them. (but not with scissors. Never run with scissors.)

They are 149L Each color, or 999L for the MegaPack (You get one color free!)

Oh and Materials are enabled on them too! (only view-able with Advanced Lighting Enabled.)


You can send nearly any item in my store to a friend by using the Gift Option when you click the main panel of the vendors. Just follow the menu instructions from there, and your gift will be on it’s way!


All of my items are also on Primbay! This is an exciting and new marketplace set up for creators using the CasperVend system. You should really check it out! Primbay

A notice about the sim:

Unfortunately, after reviewing the LL TOS again, I have discovered that I am needing to change my sims to Adult due to the content that will be on them. This will take effect by the end of January.

That about sums most of everything up. I would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays, Christmas, or whatever you celebrate this time of year. Be safe and have fun!


(Lerochelle Destiny)

De La Soul