[G3] EvoX SE Limon Lianna & Liam

Available NOW the Main Store for Christmas!V.I.P. Members wearing your tag gets you 50% off through New Year's Day!maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StoryBrook/62/50/24 Testing out a few new layer options with this one!Soft Breasts are back!Flat Chests are New!CHAI adapters and skins are new too!

.:S:. [G3] [F5] Skullsy & SkullZ

Available in BoM for both Classic SLUV heads and LelEvoX. Higher Resolution Picture on Flickr.

[G3] PRIDE [F4] V.I.P. Group Gifts!

Now available to all members for free, and everyone else for the usual 399L. Be sure to wear your VIP tag!Happy PRIDE! (in VIP Lounge)

[G3] Shilo: lelEvoX: Ansuz

For Wanderlust Weekend May 22-23. 50L each, then after the 23rd, 399L. Comes with a Browless lelutka EvoX BoM layer, Matching ears, and an additional tattoo.

.:Soul:. Gen2 Hailey & Henley – [SE WildBerry]

Now Updated to Include BoM Layers!If you previously purchased, the Updates went out tonight, but you can always request a redelivery.

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