Ember’s Cauldron Charity Event

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This is a Charity shopping event to help Elicio Ember of Cerridwen’s Cauldron to help him cover the expensive costs of his father’s care after having a stroke in late February.

On Feb. 21st, Elicio Ember’s father had a stroke that was not seen until the following day. Because of this, he has had to drop out of creating his beautiful sim for Fantasy Fair, as well as having the worry of handling the costs that are involved in caring for his father’s medical bills.

You can read his full account HERE in his own words as well as an update HERE.

Ways You Can Help:

  1. If you are a creator or blogger, you can sign up through the 10th of March for Ember’s Cauldron HERE. (Now Closed.)
  2. If you do not want to create an item, you can host a Donation Kiosk at your store, club, mall, or other frequented area by IMing Lerochelle Destiny in-world.
  3. SHOP at Cerridwen’s Cauldron on either the Marketplace or in-world!
  4. Donate! You can do so by either finding a Donation Kiosk in-world and paying the Donate button, Paying Elicio Ember directly, or donating to his GoFundMe page.
  5. Filling the Cauldron is a sister event starting just around the time that Ember’s Cauldron is winding down that will be filled with events and shows.

Ember’s Cauldron Details:

The event will run from March 16th through April 16th with HUDs available to pick up at any of the participating stores and on the marketplace. The HUDs will teleport users to various participating stores so they have the opportunity to purchase the 100% donation items creators have made in support of Elicio.

You can connect with us via the event page on Facebook.

We are on Flickr!

Participating Stores:

(Subject to change.)

  MD_MD Kids R us Cuties logo SQUARE