DLS~ Fantasy Faire & New Releases!

First off, a little notice about Fantasy Faire.

Welcome One and All!
The sixth annual Fantasy Faire has flung open its doors and the Fairelands are once again yours ro explore and experience for the next eleven days! From May first, through the eleventh, come and revel in the eleven fantasy worlds that have been specially created to enchant and inspire. We will shop, dance, laugh, and love. But most of all we will prove once again that our fight to end cancer is not a fantasy!
Be enchanted,

=== The Fantasy Faire Goodies! ===

⊱⊱ Cthu Shues – Fantasy Faire Special Edition
Includes the Cthu Shues base & Fantasy Faire Edition Texture HUD.
Oh, and instructions too.
Made for Slink Medium Feet Only!

⊱⊱ Ceredil Returns!
The skins from last year return again to give you another chance at grabbing them up for a good cause!

Along with the Nail appliers that are included with the skins, sold separately in case that is all you’re after!

~ These are also available in my main store, and at .:Imagine:. in case the Faire is too busy for you. ~

De La Soul Taxi

Fantasy Faire Taxi

.:Imagine:. Taxi

== Regular New Releases ==

⊱⊱ Cthu Nail Appliers
199L Each Set
Made to match the Cthu Shues Texture options! Besides, who wouldn’t want even more tentacles on your feet.. or hands!
Includes Slink Nail appliers for both Fingernails and Toenails.

⊱⊱ Cthu Shues Speckled Add-On
Includes Add-On HUD ONLY.
You MUST have either the Fantasy Faire Base set or the Basic set to use this! Without either of those, it is just a HUD that doesn’t do anything and that’s no fun!

⊱⊱ Cthu Shues .:Imagine:. Exclusive Edition
~ONLY AVAILABLE AT .:Imagine:. to those in the .:Imagine:. Shoppers Group (Free Access)!!~

These Include the Shues in the one color only and do not work with any of the Texture Add-On HUDs. The Eye Option HUD is included to change Glow, full bright, etc. and to delete the scripts if desired.

Don’t forget to check out the past releases for even more Cthu Shues Add-On HUDs!

=== This concludes the rather lengthy, but shiney, report! Stay tuned for a little bit more information!===

⊱⊱ De La Soul VIP Group – Is going to be open (And FREE) enrollment for the duration of Fantasy Faire!
That means you have eleven (11) days to get all your friends (and alts) into the group without paying for it! After the Faire, it will return to the usual 150L enrollment fee.

⊱⊱ .:Imagine:. – Has a few Relay for Life vendors up in the Plaza from a few of our shop owners! If lag isn’t your thing, or Fantasy Faire is just too busy for you, but you want to grab the RFL items from De La Soul, Sublime Shroud Kreations, and Macmorough & Muse, stop on by! I’m sure quite a few of our other shops will be setting up vendors soon as well!

⊱⊱ I would personally like to thank all of you for your continued support, both of De La Soul, .:Imagine:., and Relay for Life in SecondLife!

(Lerochelle Destiny)

De La Soul Taxi

Fantasy Faire Taxi Blackwater Glenn

.:Imagine:. Taxi


Look Up, Look Around… and .:Imagine:.

How often do you look UP in secondlife? When you’re wandering around an empty sim, deep within a forest of trees. Do you let your mind wander and drift skyward to see what is hidden just above your head, or do you keep your eyes on where you think you are going, missing the fantastical things that are just out of eyesight?

De La Soul Remodel in Progress


.:Imagine:. Officially Opens Today!!!

What is .:Imagine:. ?

.:Imagine:. is a multi-themed shopping, information, and exploring area that takes up a total of two sims. In general, the theme is roleplaying supplies, props, clothing, whatever could or is usually used for Roleplaying across any genre, from Victorian, Medieval, Sci Fi, Fantasy, and even Modern day.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect Roleplay for you, along with all the items and accessories you could want for your characters. Because of this, I have created .:Imagine:. where, whatever you could imagine or want should be able to be found in one place without the need to go from sim to sim.

There is an area for RP sims to advertise, along with a group for Sims to be advertised in, and a wall has been dedicated to other roleplay seeking groups as well as a group of our own to seek out that perfect roleplay sim. There is also a room dedicated to the HUDs and Meters for multiple sims and needs.

(Shopping events are planned to be scheduled monthly, though the specifics of those have not been determined yet.)

Stop by and see what you can imagine here! Feel free to roam the two sims and explore the shops, along with the little nooks and crannies, and those secret spaces I have hidden.

SLURL to .:Imagine:.
Click this to go there now!